Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to make Orecchiette

For all you foodies, here's the secret to making authentic homemade pasta - find an old lady to do it for you. And then you can learn from her. Ours is the mother of our good friend Giuditta Mazzilli. Her mom was nice enough to come to the villa from the neighboring town of Giovinazzo to show us how "Orecchiette" are made. The recipe is very simple: semolina flour, a small amount of white flour, water and a pinch of salt. You add the water in small amounts because, as she wisely informed us, "you can always add more but you can't delete." Then you knead the dough, make long, tubular strips, cut little pieces with a butter knife and roll each piece on your forefinger and thumb as you cut the piece. Sound easy? Not so much. It's all in the finger roll.


  1. Did you leave out the picture where she presses the dough inside a clam shell?

  2. Hi Paolo, love the Orrecchiette Lessons. YOur professor is so cute. Carla