Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day #1 of Life #5

Well, we finally did it. We moved here permanently. Packed up everything in NYC and moved to "the farm". It's kinda like "Green Acres" for modern times. The opposite of the Beverly Hillbillies.

I've come back to my roots and Steven has followed me - and his dream - will all his heart. I've made many darts and turns in my life. This is just another one.

I've lived as an immigrant who couldn't speak English. I joined a monastery without being religious. I married and have 3 amazing kids. I succeeded at the American Dream at the center of the storm: New York City.

Now, I have a new life; another dream come true: the dream of returning home.

It wasn't and won't be easy. It's Italy, after all.

There's a truckers' strike, so we're having trouble filling our first-ever order for Williams-Sonoma. We thought we'd be excited, proud, bragging. But not yet.

We're waiting for the rest of our belongings to arrive but, yes, there's a truckers' strike.

It will be beautiful, though. It's Italy, after all.


  1. Congratulations Paul. You continue to live a "shock and awe" life - you should be proud.
    Il mio cappello è disinserito a voi!

  2. How do you say ''work it, gurl" in Italian?