Friday, July 31, 2009

The Cappellis pay a visit.

Sorry that it's been so long since I've updated the blog but. But whatever. Here I am. In April, we were delighted to host an entire Cappelli clan. Actually, they were 2 different Cappelli clans since the Cappellis that came to visit are, unfortunately, not related to us Cappellis - not yet anyway.They came from Bronxville, NY, Scarsdale, NY and San Diego, CA. I have to say that although we don't think we're related, it really was like having an extended family stay with us. Lou Cappelli, the head of the family, was very intrigued when he discovered that his family on his grandmother's side most likely was originally from Terlizzi, as well. He was remembering Italian phrases in dialect from his childhood that could only have been from Terlizzi. The family's name was Baldassare which is a very common name in our town. They did some sightseeing but mostly we just did what most guests at the Villa do; we ate and drank and laughed and enjoyed our surroundings - those of nature and of humans.

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