Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Major" snow storm

Just experienced our first major snow storm here. Snow is quite rare but this winter has been very harsh throughout Europe. We were spared until yesterday while the rest of Europe got pummeled with snow and freezing temperatures. Over 150 people dead throughout europe.
Since we come from NYC and Boston, this is hardly a major snowstorm - maybe 2 inches max. But it's enough to create havoc. In fact, we haven't gone out of the villa since it started and already beginning to feel a bit of cabin fever.
Had to fix the makeshift covers we had on the citrus trees. The snow was too heavy and they came crashing down. Ruined some of the branches but I think generally they'll be ok. The temperature is staying just ever so slightly above freezing. The cats are huddled up next to each other. Our dogs are pretty sturdy so they'll be ok - especially Pony who sleeps in our room. Yes, he's spoiled.
With the cold the rain and the snow, we've been spending most afternoons making orange marmalade. The oranges are in season so they are fragrant, sweet and inexpensive. We're making about 35 jars a day.
Next up: more Tropea red onion jam. Then we'll have to fumigate our clothes.

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