Tuesday, February 21, 2012

To TV or not to TV

For us, this question has always been easy at Villa Cappelli. I mean, have you seen Italian TV? Everything I’ve ever seen is consists of a lot people sitting around talking, which Italians do love to do, so it makes sense, but it’s not something I’d really sit down and want to watch, especially at my stage of Italian language. Without action, how the heck do I even know what the talking heads are talking about?

But this week we had our first group of Italian guests. And apparently, they wanted to visit a beautiful, ancient villa and watch TV. So…cut to a day into their stay and we had to install a TV antenna, and I’m sick to my stomach. It’s like painting a moustache of a Mona Lisa. My apologies to out guests, but it’s disgusting.

So, as soon as the guests’ cars leave tomorrow, that antenna is coming down. And if you come visit the villa, we’ll entertain you with great food, some fun card games, amazing laughs, great friends and sorry, but no TV.

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  1. No cable TV or television over broadband internet? :-(