Monday, February 13, 2012


It snowed. I moved away from NYC and didn’t think I’d see the stuff for a bit. But there it was. A white blanket covering our ancient courtyard. Who was going to shovel this? Where are the building maintenance guys? Oh yeah, that’s me. Darn it.

Luckily the rain came the next day and washed it all away. We are so much luckier than the rest of the country or the continent. And I’m especially lucky. A south Texan is not used to dealing with snow. Heck, we shut down every major highway and overpass in Texas when it just drops below freezing.

But the cold has given me chance to get into a rhythm. Now I can now listen to my Italian lessons while doing chores, mostly cleaning and making lots of orange marmalade. I’m pretty sure now I can ask someone in Italian if they want something to drink. And with all this cold weather keeping us inside, that’s a VERY important thing to know how to ask.


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  1. love the title of the blog!

    is paul doing the "parallel" blog?